Чёрный Ватаняр
ну а мы с такими рожами возьмём да и припрёмся к эдди
Неожиданно для себя я нашла две статьи на тему "Почему Джон мудак". Пусть лежат и тут.

  1. Colbert compared his and Stewart’s relationship to that of musicians Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen. Early in his career, Costello tried desperately to emulate Springsteen, but in failing to mimic the New Jersey rocker, Costello developed his own personal style.

    “I tried to be like Jon Stewart,” Colbert explained. “And by trying to be him, I found myself.”

    About That Time Jon Stewart Almost Quit ‘The Daily Show’

  2. He’s damaged and is capable of doing damage in return, especially in close quarters. There are plenty of Daily Show staffers, present and former, who love and revere their boss for his difficult brilliance. There are also plenty — mostly on the former side — who have been, well, fucked up by him and his need to dominate.

    Esquire Scribe: Jon Stewart is a dick

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